Monday, July 24, 2006

Worthwhile diversions

As Dr. B says, grab another cup of coffee and read these.
  • Starting off light, PhD comics has a particularly funny strip today on the lab hazard rating system. I think my lab group is fairly non-toxic. I'd rank us about 1-0-1-VOR. (You'll just have to read the strip.
  • Dr. B. has a post on the "boy acheivement gap." Some of her thoughts mirror my unarticulated musings.
  • Bootstrap Analysis is commenting on the HPV vaccine and how the idea that vaccination (in general) should be a personal choice not only imparts risks to the individual, but also to society.
  • And ending light, Sheepish has a great taxonomy of graduate committee members.
More women in science links coming later this week.


Propter Doc said...

I'd rate my lab as 4-4-2-BLM/COR (going health-AC-Advisor-Specific)

psychgrad said...

I like the taxonomy. While I'm sure any of those types would freak me out during my defense (praying that I won't pass out when the time comes), outsiders are particularly scary. I find I get so used to thinking inside of "the box" that outsiders' questions usually come out of left field and I have force myself to bs my way through it.

Peg Silloway said...

Thanks for offering a window into a world many have never seen. I've added yours to my collection of blogs of note: