Saturday, July 08, 2006

more photo requests filled

For propter doc, who made several requests. Here is my favorite thing at work. I took last year's Sierra Club weekly calendar and made a collage of my favorite pictures, since my desk is in a windowless corner office.The inside of my freezer. Yes, we really like ice cream. Plus it was buy one get one free.

Here's where I intend to spend more of my summer days sitting and relaxing. We just bought the furniture last weekend.

For brightstar, who requested a currently blooming flower in my neighborhood. This one is in my yard, but I have no idea what it is. Do you?
For astroprof who requested recent vacation pictures. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but this one was taken on a fun afternoon with volcanogirl.For astroprof, who also requested pet pictures. Here's the Princess Pup the way I see her when we are out for a walk. Bonus: BusinessMan's legs.For angry grad who requested a picture of a sample or my lab. I kind of modified the request since I couldn't figure out a way to take a picture of samples or lab without revealing what my -ology is, but I have previously mentioned that I do field work. So I posted a picture taken in the vicinity of my field area. Aren't you all jealous?

!zap! (you missed it)

WriterChica - I will try to get to your requests in the next few days. The veggies and meal might take a little longer (our big meal plan this week got spoiled by gross bugs and stuff in the Napa cabbage).

For anyone else who hasn't put in a request, here's your chance. I'll take requests through the end of the day monday. And sometime later this week, many of these pictures may disappear.


Writer Chica said...

I like all the pictures. The freezer one makes me laugh! just because.

nice outdoor furniture and beautiful view of the mountains. I am certainly jealous.

Sorry to hear about the gross bugs in your cabbage. Ewww

angrygrad said...

I totally covet the view your field area offers.

I live on a mountain but have to work in a dark lab. *cries*

ceresina said...

I think the flower is a century plant, or an aloe, or an agave.
Ahem. Yes, I really know my plants well. I'll go back to lurking now...

Saoirse said...

Also jealous of your field area.

Cool pictures.

post-doc said...

I've had one window in my years of graduate school and now into this postdoc. I loved that window ever so much... The pictures are a good idea though! My little calendar of baby animals just doesn't have the same effect. :)

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Your dog's fluffy butt looks just like my dog's fluffy butt!

(Hmmm. I hope that doesn't sound creepy.)

Anonymous said...

your plant is a yucca!

Mr. E said...

Yes, it is a yucca, but I can't see enough of the leaves to determine the variety...also I don't know where you live. Our soaptree yuccas here in Sedona have identical flowers.


Alessandra said...

you have really beautiful pictures. i especially liked the photo collage and the garden shot. i'm also planning to earn my PhD degree in the social sciences. i just want to know that you inspire young women like me to strive for their dreams. on a lighter note, i once had the opportunity of chatting with a guy fm Pacific Northwest thru webdate dot com. I hear it's a pretty good school for continuing studies.

Rosana said...

Interessante seu blog.
SOu do Brasil.