Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More "Blog of Note" Madness

Quick before the Blogger outage....

If you have just arrived, please read my welcome (next post down).

I am totally overwhelmed and amazed by the number of visitors (see figure) I've had over the past two days, and thank you for all of your wonderful comments. Please don't be offended if I don't respond to all of them personally... dissertations don't write themselves and I had no heads-up of becoming a "blog of note."

I've got some things I want to post later this evening (after blogger is back up), so check back soon.

If you think you are on my committee or you are a collaborator, please know that blogging does not diminish the number of hours I put in on my thesis. I've almost got my second chapter to its coauthors...just got write the figure captions and format Table 1.


Writer Chica said...

I like seeing the graph. Highly appropriate for a science blog. where do you get your data? not that I have a lot of data for my blog, but I'm interested.

ScienceWoman said...

WC: Down at the bottom of my page you'll notice a little multicolorled box. That's my site meter icon - it gives me detailed stats on up to my past 100 visitors (referring page, location, time of visit, etc.) and graphs like this for busy days. It's free.

Mohammed said...

hi sciencewoman,

I'm physics student from egypt

what are you specialized in?