Saturday, July 01, 2006


Happy Canada Day.

After missing last month, I'm back to posting my monthly accomplishments and goals.

June's accomplishments:
  1. Spent time with volcanogirl, singlegirl, and writer chica
  2. Spent 3 days in Midwest working on postdoc-related stuff
  3. designed and presented a poster at an east coast conference
  4. submitted revised paper to a prestigious journal
  5. dealt with editorial comments on conference proceedings paper
  6. worked on the next paper
  7. got my field asst. going on summer field work
July's goals:
  1. finish draft of Paper2 and submit to co-authors by July 14
  2. teach teachers for 3 days
  3. make substantial progress on Paper3 paper
  4. make decisions on which field sites to maintain
  5. stay healthy
I've also got the date for my defense narrowed down to a 3 day window. (Come on, co-advisor, please email back and say yes), so I've got a pretty specific timetable of what needs to get done when. I'm posting the whole shebang on my side bar.


Writer Chica said...

Wow! You accomplished a lot in June. Good luck with the July goals and getting your defense day set! Thanks for the CD for Toddler! We like it.

Propter Doc said...

I'm impressed. You accomplished so much. Good luck with the defense date...I know how difficult getting people to agree on this things is.

Female Science Professor said...

I hope you keep going with your career as a scientist and academic. It is so frustrating to see so many women students in the physical sciences but so few professors. This is such a great job, despite everything.