Wednesday, June 28, 2006

summer meme

I'm in need of a meme today and so I googled "summer meme." Guess which of my favorite blogger's came up first: Jo(e)! But this one is from before I discovered her, so I'll just revive it for this year.

Summer Meme

Favorite summer flower: Daisies
Flavor of ice cream or tofutti: Vanilla bean, perfect for topping with berries.
Mode of transportation: Hiking boot or raft.
Music: Songs for singing along with.
Food: Fresh tomatoes, raspberries, corn on the cob, ice cream, pies, basil ...
Favorite game to play: Croquet or frisbee
Earliest childhood summer memory: Playing on the rocks on the beach at our cabin.
Favorite Drink: Big big glasses of ice water
Favorite Snack: Real fruit popsicle or a fresh piece of fruit
Place to read: In the yard, in a lawn chair, in the shade.
Most annoying: Being too hot to go to sleep.
How I handle the heat: I hate the heat. My best strategy is to avoid it by moving to northern climes, heading to higher altitude, lounging by/in large bodies of water, or, if those aren't realistic options, finding an air-conditioned office, library, or movie theatre.
Pet Peeve: Sand in the sheets.
Mistake for which no one in my family will ever forgive you: Forget to pack the sunscreen.
All-time favorite bathing suit: A bikini bought in Australia that provided just the right amount of coverage.
Best Time of Day: Mornings before it gets hot.
Most romantic: Sundresses.
Summer movie: Action movies.
Best for sex: Early in the morning when you actually want to share each other's body heat.

"There are no rules for this meme, of course. Summer time is no time for rules!"


jo(e) said...

How cool to see a meme I wrote over a year ago reappear ....

I too hate the heat.

Dr. Shellie said...

tomatoes IN SEASON. like a totally different food. yum.

Anonymous said...



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