Friday, June 23, 2006

Question of the day

How do I politely respond to a reviewer comment that says "No, ...[your interpretation is wrong]." when the answer is "No, you're wrong"? I have some reasons, but basically they are just wrong on this one.


yami mcmoots said...

One polite response begins with your reasons, some revisions for clarity where you think the reviewer went wrong, and then "I have clarified..." - unless the reviewer is blatantly unqualified or grinding an axe, in which case, ugh, who knows, depends on the editor.

Nuthatch said...

When I've submitted revisions to the editor, I explained in my cover letter that I clarified/corrected points a, b, and c, but that point d remained the same because (my explanation why the dufus was wrong).

Will be interested in how your situation turns out. Both times this happened to me the editor went my way.