Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my fun to do list

I could list all the things I need to do on the diss. or all the chores around the house. But that wouldn't be any fun. And it's summer, so I want to have fun. And this is what I'm going to do.
  1. Print out some pictures from the digital camera so I can update our photo albums and send some pics to Mom.
  2. Mail CDs to Writer Chica and Mom.
  3. Mail early wedding gift to volcanogirl.
  4. Find out where to send NavyMom's baby quilt and what to include for the first-born. Send them.
  5. Post pictures of the completed quilt on blog.
  6. Work on quilts for gen(i)e. She's having twins!
  7. Pick or buy some local strawberries. (Saturday)
  8. Make strawberry jam or slice and freeze the berries. (Sunday)
  9. Get a pedicure (this afternoon with S)
  10. Finally buy wall-paper border we've been looking at for 2 years. (Sunday/Monday)
  11. Finish reading the book I am really really enjoying.
Yes, brother, I promise I am doing real work too. And now back to it.


post-doc said...

Strawberries and a pedicure?! Good for you! Treating yourself is important and you're quite deserving.

I hadn't heard of the book, but I put it in my cart at amazon. So thanks!

Writer Chica said...

Yum! Strawberries! Reminds me that I need to start paying attention to when the raspberries will be ready. I don't want to miss them again this year. Do we get to see the wallpaper border you buy?