Thursday, June 15, 2006

letting things slide

I didn't get the outrageously impossible amount of work done on my trip that I had planned to do. I did get my poster done in time for the conference, but my revisions weren't done in time for the resubmittal deadline, and the next manuscript is not going to be submitted by tomorrow's deadline. So I've had to send a couple of emails along these lines:
Dear Editor,
When I submitted an abstract for the -Ology Conference, I indicated an intent to submit a manuscript for inclusion in the special issue of Journal of -Ology. It now appears that the manuscript will not be done by the deadline. In fact, the manuscript will probably be not ready for submission until mid-July. I apologize for any inconvenience.
I hate sending emails like that. I hate missing deadlines. I take a lot of pride when my advisor says things like "You always seem to manage to get everything done." And right now I feel like I am not living up to my reputation. I know that over the years of my career, I will miss deadlines any number of times. It happens. But it sucks that it seems to be happening to me over and over again right now.

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Propter Doc said...

I hate that feeling as well. I'm so bad at meeting deadlines I set myself, but I always keep other deadlines...and the guilt when I don't keep them....blugh! It will get better. People don't remember these things when they happen occasionally.