Thursday, June 22, 2006


Easy: Posting my "Holy Pink Pagoda!" pedicure picture.
Hard: Writing accurate and descriptive directions for getting to remote field sites. (This I've done.)

Easy: Posting the picture of my quilt for NavyMom's son.
Hard: Finishing those last cantakerous edits from those last cantakerous reviewer comments. (Still to come.)

Easy: Taking the dog for a walk in the sunny 70's breeze. (Trying to resist the urge)

Hard: Getting over my blog writer's blog. Got any suggestions for topics?


skookumchick said...

Hah, I see sandal tan lines. I've got them too, but in a different pattern. It means summer is here. Yay!

Not sure what to suggest re posting. It seems all I'm doing these days is brain-dump posts - writing down one long run-on sentence that has nothing substantial to say. But that's allowed in the summer. :-)

Plus your "I'm not going to blog" counter still gives you 3 days so you need not even worry anyhow. ;-)

Shelina said...

I like the quilt. Very cute and colorful and cuddly.

Writer Chica said...

Love the pink toesies! Love the quilt! Beautiful. I bought you something at a garage sale-hopefully I'll get around to sending it. Topic suggestions:
*did you learn anything interesting during your trips and conferences?
*How are your fresh veggie boxes?
*pick a thought-provoking topic out of the book you are reading
*do a fun meme
*In five years from now, what would a perfect day look like for you? Consider job, house, marriage, children, car, etc. What's your vision?

Okie dokie. That should keep your blog writing busy for awhile!