Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a lot of hard work with nothing to show for it

This is what my desk looks like when I am working hard. I wish working hard correlated better with getting lots of stuff done, but too often it doesn't. I've spent the past 4 days struggling with one reviewer comment, and today I thought I'd finally made it past that 1 comment and could proceed onto the next one. But it turns out I hadn't really, because a very closely related issue has come back to bite me on the next substantive comment. This whole process is incredibly intellectually painful. I've been meaning to write something about the revision process, but I think I won't be able to until this is gone from my desk again.

In other news, my normal laptop was wiped clean last week, with windows reinstalled. I got it back this evening and discovered that despite their assurances, the two most important folders on the hard drive had not been backed up. Fortunately, I do a daily back up to a network drive, but that has a lot of accumulated electronic detritus that it looks like I will have to sift through before I put things back on my hard drive. Just what I need another day+ spent reinstalling programs and files.

Something's gonna have to give in my workload soon, and no matter what it is, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Note: I posted this last night but the date/time were totally screwed up (my fault). So apologies if it shows up in bloglines twice.


phd me said...

I love seeing other people's work space. Always puts my tornado of a desk in perspective! (Yours is quite neat, by the way.)

Writer Chica said...

I'm curious. What's in your thermos? Tea, coffee? Other?

The back corner looks perfect for some cheery flowers. I should drop a hint to BusinessMan. :)

ScienceWoman said...

phd me: I can't believe you think my desk is neat! (of course, you can't see the stack of books and papers on the floor.)

chica: The mug contains tea always.There is one live plant in our windowless office. Somehow it has survived for 5+ years. But my black thumb probably shouldn't go near it or anything else. :) But maybe I should put something else fun in the corner.