Monday, May 15, 2006

Life outside school

Alas, Monday is here again. One day weekends are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that BusinessMan and I are finally making the effort to do something fun together on Sundays, and a curse in that Monday morning I find I want more fun time.

So what did we do?

Had dinner with Brightstar
BrightStar posted a chicken and ziti bake last week, then Sheepish and Prof. Me memed it. And it just looked so tasty that we had to try it. The results are below. Note that we substituted tri-color rotini for the ziti. But it was still very yummy, and I've got some leftovers for lunch.
Spent Sunday at the beach
Yesterday, we took advantage of the perfect weather for a trip to the coast. Despite being less than an hour away, I hadn't been out to the ocean for over a year. And, let me tell you, I am not going to make that mistake again.

We had a wonderful time playing on two different beaches - watching the tide go out, and then come back in. And in between, we had a delicious clam chowder lunch. (I never eat clam chowder anywhere but at the coast, but there I always do.)

Got there another way
It feels a bit like a massive conspiracy to get me to reduce my driving. I'm concerned about green house gases, gasoline is over $3 a gallon, I need exercise, the weather is perfect. But for some reason, I haven't been able to break my driving habit. I can come up with a million excuses.

But not today. I actually managed to get on my bike and leave the car in the garage. I'd like to tell you I biked the 5 miles to school. But I didn't. I did, however, bike ~1 mile to a bus stop and then hop on the bus. There I discovered that is is "Get there another way" week, where the local uni and businesses encourage people to leave their cars at home by making the bus free. Just another cosmic sign pointing me in that direction. Will I bike home or do the bike-bus combo? I'll probably bike, just because I can't be bothered to remember to leave the office at the exact right time to catch the hourly bus service that last leaves campus at 6 pm. Can I go the whole week without the car commute? Nope, it's logistically impossible. But every day counts, and I'm glad I did it today.

And now back to the regularly scheduled programming. (work, eat, work, sleep, work, work, work...)


BrightStar said...

that's fun that you tried the recipe! It still tasted good as leftovers, in my opinion.

Writer Chica said...

Too bad you can't blog aromas, cause that dinner looks yummy. Congrats on biking/busing to work! Have a good week!

sheepish said...

A baked pasta meme - I love it!

chica's sis said...

I love you people who add food to the blogs. I have a friend who only blogs with food pics - from her kitchen, from the local restaurants, etc. It makes me happy that I have mexican lasagna leftovers for lunch rather than a tv dinner.

ScienceWoman said...

B* - thanks for the inspiration!
Chica's sis - (I thought you were TheatreGirl now.) Mexican lasagna sounds much better than a tv dinner. Enjoy.