Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For those who know...

In case any of the alumnae/i of my program are keeping current with the blog, there's an assortment of news from the department and our circle of friends. As for those of you who aren't from PNW, what do you think about point 1?
  1. A bunch of the 2nd and 3rd year PhD students in our program are facing a funding a funding crisis, because they've used up all TA time the department will give them but have not succeeded in getting grants funded. I am understanding of the department's position, but my heart really goes out to the students. How awful to be well into your PhD work, but not nearly at the completion stage, and to run out of funding! Do you pay for the last few years of school? But how do you live on no income and pay tuition? Do you quit and try again somewhere else? Do you leave with a M.S.? But what about the 2 that already have M.S. degrees (I think.)?
  2. ChemGuy, my frequent coffee partner, defended his PhD last week. He and the family will be moving to a 1-year post-doc at Big School in late July after he finishes teaching 101. (It's sort of odd that he should go there after my interview there - but it would have been even odder if we both had ended up there.) He also got an NSF grant to do a 2year post-doc at a Midwestern Uni. So he will move his family there at the end of next summer. I'll miss him.
  3. IceMan, who defended in January, not only landed a post-doc at an extremely prestigious research institution in New England, but also a tenure-track position at the R1U where he did his M.S. In fact, he'll be replacing his MS advisor, who retired last year. I also applied for this position and got asked for letters, but I never expected to get it, so I am genuinely happy for him.
  4. These departures leave me as the senior graduate student in the program. It seems a bit unfair, when I have only been here <4 years.


volcanogirl said...

Holy crap. I had heard from D that she may leave, but I din't realize there were several people without funding!

But way to go IceMan!! He taught me to be daring and to think big. He was writing solo NSF proposals before he even got his PhD.

geobabe said...

wow! great for chemguy and iceman. i will email you for more i know you have absolutely nothing to do but chat...:)

ScienceWoman said...

Glad you guys figured out who I was talking about!

Lisa said...

Hmmmm, how to pay for a doctorate without funding.....? Oh, wait, I have a few years of experience with that one. Thank God for my generous family. Also discovered this crazy thing called student loans. And worked at a job I hated on top of full class and clinic responsibilities. I had virtually no social life, but it was definitely worth it. So tell your friends that it can be done!

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