Tuesday, May 02, 2006

diagnosis and prognosis

I just got to my monthly look back and look ahead lists. I had 7 goals for April, and I accomplished 1 of them. That's not to say I didn't get other stuff done (or at least work at it).

Here's what April did to me:
  1. Decided to stay here for a post-doc with my advisor (1 goal accomplished)
  2. Interviewed at JARU, visited Writer Chica and family
  3. Started working on post-doc stuff, traveled to Midwest for research planning meeting, read some relevant literature, selected and ordered equipment
  4. Nominated a committee member for a graduate mentoring award (more work than I expected)
  5. worked on revisions to paper #1 (late in the month)
  6. worked on draft of paper #2 (early in the month)
Diagnosis: I had no idea what the month had in store for me in terms of travel and new committments.

Which makes me wonder about the utility of making these lists...but here I go again anyway.

May's goals:
  1. submit revised paper #1
  2. start experiments for newthing in Midwest
  3. attend short course in the Mid-Atlantic - see volcanogirl and singlegirl afterward
  4. submit Grant-on-the-Side grant report
  5. draft poster for Mid-Atlantic Conference (early June)
  6. get data from all snow-free field sites
Why I am magnetically drawn to the mid-Atlantic? I am even contemplating an ADVANCE workshop for future faculty at UMBC. It looks useful and interesting (anyone want to join me?), but do I really want to fly across the country again? Shouldn't I just committ to staying in PNW until I am done. Eh, it's too late for that now.

(Scattershot writing reflects scattershot brain.)


PhD Mom said...

Oh, oh, oh! One of my best friends from grad school is a Prof at UMBC, which incidently has an extremely strong reputation for women in science and engineering. She also told me about the ADVANCE program, but given that I am already starting a position, it didn't seem like a good fit. It is supposed to be awesome! You should definately go!

Writer Chica said...

Looks like a good list of goals. I hope your load lightens soon.

ScienceWoman said...

PhD mom - thanks for the encouragement. I am still trying to decide whether to apply. I applied last year and was turned down...but if I don't get to go this year it may be too late (as is the case for you.) There are some good workshops out there (at least in my field) for early career faculty too. Maybe you can find one of them.

Chica - Me too.

Lisa said...

When is the UMBC workshop???? You could totally cut costs by staying with me :)