Friday, April 14, 2006

winding down, spinning up

Actual text of an email I sent this afternoon:

"So let's say you were flying halfway across the country next week to participate in an interdisciplinary, collaborative project and let's say that you were expected to be the expert on [insert appropriate jargon here]. Let's say further that your knowledge of the subject matter consisted of overheard snippets and your intuition. What would you read on the airplane?"

Participant list for project identified me as "grad student doc?"

Things are changing really fast around here. I'd like to tell ya'll more but my head is needed other places. I promise that I will explain once I'm back from Midwest this time around (next weekend). In the meantime I may post inanely or sporadically as the mood strikes me and time/internet is available.

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geobabe said...

you're such a tease! speaking on behalf of those with too much time on our hands...i don't know if i can wait that long. :)