Saturday, April 01, 2006

Reflecting and looking ahead

Where in the world did March go?

Oh, it went mainly to stressing out over my post-PhD dilemma...and a little work. Here's what I got done:

  1. talked with advisor about post-doc plans…no definitives but let him know what I was (and wasn’t) interested in working on
  2. began earnest work on draft of 2nd chapter
  3. reached 152 pounds
  4. took 2 consecutive weekdays off just for me (although did go to school on one of them, but didn’t do any work)
  5. interviewed at the Big School, phone interviewed with Just Another Regional U., scheduled campus interview with JARU, did a lot of soul searching
  6. got reviews back on my paper in review
I didn't reach a lot of my goals for March. Some of them were still lingering on from February, but I sure hope these are met by the end of April:

  1. make post-PhD plans
  2. weigh 148 lbs
  3. write complete draft of 2nd chapter, get comments from advisor, revise
  4. complete analyses for Grant-on-the-Side
  5. start writing G-on-the-S paper
  6. finish final field work (as sites melt out)
  7. submit revised paper
  8. celebrate my blog's first birthday

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