Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday meme

As seen at Mon's

I am procrastinating from both work and activities I use to avoid work (gardening, quilting)
I want to have more motivation to do something productive.
I wish that the thesis was magically written for me.
I hate that this dissertation process is still going on.
I love that is sunny and mid-60s out. Perfect for gardening or just contemplating.
I misshanging out with my college friends. And knowing that when I finished the paper/problem set/whatever, that I was really "done" with school work for the day. Now it never ends.
I fear that I will not be strong enough and kind enough to stay married my whole life.
I hearthe final seconds of the NBA playoff game that BusinessMan is watching.
I wonder what my life would have been like had I gone to a different college.
I regret not being more athletic as a kid.
I am notlosing weight. I must get my groove back.
I dance only in the bathroom before my shower.
I sing not as much as I wish I did.
I cry
more often than is seemly. I've had to choke back tears around my advisor. Totally not professional.
I am not always as on top of things as my advisor thinks.
I make with my handsbaby quilts.
I write far more on this blog than I do on my thesis.
I confuse The various permutations of sciencewoman that I have for logins, emails, etc.
I need this PhD to be done and then I need a really long vacation.
I should stop procrastinating and do something productive.
I start blog posts in my head all the time. Most never get written.
I finish almost everything I start. Except books lately.
I tag no one. Unless you want to join anyways, in which case, tag!

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