Monday, April 24, 2006

happy birthday blog

First off, if you are reading a feed, come check out the new look.

My baby here is one year old. It's interesting moment to pause and reflect how far I've come in the past much is still the same (ABD, no children) but some things feel subtly shifted (I can now envision my defense date and what I'll be doing afterward).

I don't often look at my archives; I find the writing awkward and the memories, in turns, teasing and unpleasant. I also think to the things that are not recorded in the blog - too personal, too professionally revealing, or just too mundane to be recorded here. But for now, here's a sampling of the archives, with emphasis on popular posts, recurring themes and/or decent (maybe?) writing.
So what can you look forward to in the next year of this blog?
  • Dissertation struggles, defense jubilation, post-doc and job search round 2
  • Who-knows-what on the family front
  • Continued focus on issues of women in science and women in academia
  • Continued side focus on science communication and education in society
  • Probably somewhat less science writing. Those posts don't seem to generate comments and they take a lot of time. There are good science blogs out there already.
  • The occasional meme or completely fluffy post. I always reserve that right.
  • Some cosmetic changes to the page (new banners, TTLB, site meter, creative commons license...)
  • Things of interest to my blog readers. Believe it or not, if you have suggestions for post topics or even recurring features, I will listen to you. So please comment or email me.
Stick with me. This baby is just getting her feet under her.


Melinda Casino said...

Happy Blog birthday!

Nice archives round-up.



Lucy said...

Happy birthday! Our blogs are birthday twins :)

Kjerstin said...

Happy birthday! I like your plans for the next year, especially the science communication bit. There are a lot of regular science blogs, but precious few that deal with the challenges of science communication (I know, I've looked!). Have a great second year :-)

Nuthatch said...

Happy blog birthday. I've enjoyed reading, and look forward to the next year.

Honeybee said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love the new look for the site!

phd me said...

I like the new look! Make sure you eat a cupcake in honor of the blog bday.

Jane said...

Happy blog birthday! Love the new look! And I love the idea of linking to favorite posts from the last year...nice touch!

Writer Chica said...

Happy, happy blog birthday, Sciencewoman!