Tuesday, March 21, 2006

writer's block

So my resolution to write 250 words a day (non-blog?)....Friday I squeezed out 199, this weekend nothing, and today only 90. I could make excuses about how I need to finish some more data analysis before I can really write up the results or how I should read that stack of articles before working more on the intro, but I won't.

And, even worse, my writer's block has spilled over too blog thoughts. I just feel to fractured right now to really compose any posts. So I won't.

But just as soon as I get over this hump, I'll be back.

Happy equinox.


*statgirl* said...

FYI: New Kid has an excellent post about writing. Great advice about getting going, setbacks, and a reminder to forget about the days when we do not meet our goals.

Giwilks said...

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