Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where is she? (the map meme and other random thoughts)

As seen over at AAYOR (and probably elsewhere, I am seriously behind on my bloglines)

Get your own

I'm actually really proud of having been so many places in the US, although there are some states that I haven't seen very much of (SC, DE, & AR come to mind). But I am going to a conference in one of those states this summer. Plus, Navy Mom is moving to Alaska in a few months, so that gives me a great excuse to get up to the last great frontier.

I've been running around like a crazy person since 6:30 this morning with a mere hour in my office. Now I'm off to craft night to work on the latest baby blanket. Tomorrow should be more sane, but there's absolutely no way I'm going to be able to take this weekend off. I've penciled in two days when I get back from the interview....we'll see whether I can keep that committment to myself.

Confidential to the friend I spoke with today: I'm sending lots of long-distance hugs and love. Take care of yourself and know that I am always here for you. Please don't feel bad for taking advantage of my listening ear, that's why we have friends. :)


Dr J. said...

I love that thing. I haven´t filled it out for the States yet (I´ve only visited ummmm 5 states?), but it´s fun gradually filling the world in red.

Good luck with everything coming.....

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