Friday, March 10, 2006

my day off

I am taking today off (sort of). The intention was to take it completely off - in a laze-in-your-pajamas sort of way, but that hasn't quite happened. After the Princess Pup insisted that I get up at 7:15 am, I did have a leisurely breakfast, skimming cookbooks for a vegan risotto that my husband would eat (an impossibility apparently). I then walked the dog while listening to Nature's podcast (damn scientific hobbies). Next I read Real Simple for an hour on the couch. At that point I either needed to take a nap or make a to-do list, and unfortunately I chose the latter. The to-do list reminded me that I did need to do some yoga, take a shower, and then (horrors!) write thank you letters for my interview. Now 3.5 hours later, I've surfed the blogs, painfully composed and sent off the thank you letters and eaten lunch. BusinessMan has come home- apparently there is no reason for him to work this afternoon-I wish that were ever the case for me. He is blaring the TV at the other end of the house and wants to enlist me in grocery shopping and can recycling this afternoon. I had intended to return to the couch with a mystery novel or work on the (unstarted) quilt for Navy Mom. But I fear that my afternoon will consist of the grocery/can trip, doing laundry, and writing yet more thank you cards (for birthday presents). Then BusinessMan will convince me to eat dinner in front of the TV and watch some stupid movie until my bedtime.

I guess its still a day off, but not the one I was envisioning. But sometimes, a bad day off is better than a good day at the office. Right? Right?


Katie said...

Absolutely right! No question. Parts of the day off sound lovely - I adore Real Simple! And time with your husband, even running bad errands and watching bad TV, is always good. Right? :)

Adi said...

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