Thursday, March 02, 2006

March's to-dos

March 2006 goals

  1. (already in progress) Firm up plans for post-doc with my advisor if no faculty jobs are forthcoming
  2. get complete draft of Paper 2 to co-authors
  3. reach 150 pounds
  4. take 2 consecutive weekdays off just for me (read, sleep, exercise, sew, eat vegan)
  5. complete 1 teacher visit (done!)
  6. complete regression model for grant-on-the-side
  7. start writing grant-on-the-side paper
  8. Complete last of field work for inclusion in dissertation
  9. do my best possible job at the interview and (hopefully) land the job

1 comment:

phd me said...

Go, #9!! Not that all that other stuff isn't important, either, of course.