Sunday, March 05, 2006

left to do

from Friday
  • work on the job talk - make a pretty title slide, figure out how to integrate recent results, decide what to cut if too long
  • practice job talk
  • get a massage (2 pm)
  • study faculty bios (focusing on search committee)
  • continue to brain storm research ideas (this is the hard one)
from Saturday
  • practice job talk for advisor (11 am), husband (?), dog
  • finish studying faculty bios and identify probable collaborators
  • get cash and other sundries for trip
  • call mom and refuse to let her grill me
  • tentatively prioritize research ideas (1, 5, 10 years)
  • practice short summaries of my research (1, 3, 10 min) and interests (?)
from Sunday
  • practice job talk
  • have husband mock-interview me
  • pack (incl. extra clothes, raincoat, papers, computer)
  • anything else I haven't gotten done by then
  • take a walk with the dog and husband
  • go to bed early
So as you can see, all the planning in the world can't help if you don't actually get things done. Back to work for me.


Katie said...

You're making progress, so give yourself a lot of credit. And make sure to get as much rest as you can. You'll be fantastic - I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Today's the big day! Or the first of them, anyway. I just wanted to wish you good luck!!!! _li

PhD Mom said...

Good luck girl!!!! I hope you get it.