Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back!

I just wrote 250 words (good ones too) in the past hour. And I've got an idea for how I want to structure one section of my paper (maybe the whole thing). So I don't even have to feel bad about the fact that I am taking time off to have a skim-milk hazelnut steamer with a friend. Yum.


Dr J. said...

Well done! The 250-words a day is a good trick. Another writing method which works for me is the snowflake one, and it fits really well to scientific papers:

Katie said...

Yay for 250 good words! Good for you - hope it continues to go well!

Writer Chica said...

You were never really gone. The thoughts and words were just stewing inside you until they were done and ready to come out.

That steamer sounds yummy!