Thursday, March 16, 2006

Counting my words

Following on the heels of so many great writers and facing up to my own recalcitrance toward writing (and obeying Ms. Mentor's advice), I have decided to write something for my next paper each day until the cursed thing is done. In fact, I have decided to write 250 somethings per day. I figure if those in the liberal arts can turn out 1000 words or more, I should be able to write something abstract length and still play with excel for a while.

Yesterday, I succeeded in writing 257 words. Today (so far), 260. And that gives me one page, single spaced, 12-pt TNR, 1" margins, space between parargraphs but no indent.

And I've also gotten some other things done. Yesterday, I met with a nutritionist and later S and I put together the front of the baby quilt for the woman down the hall (due Mar 28). Today, I did a yoga class and had lunch downtown with my husband. Tonight, S and I have the final concert of our symphony subscription and we are going to enjoy a nice dinner beforehand. Oh, and I've done some reading and data analysis too.

And I've also caught up on most of my blog backlog. So many people writing so many excellent things. Two of them really caught my eye. First, a really excellent post (from 2 weeks ago) by Dr. Free-ride on what we as scientists should are qualified to comment on as experts in our research area, our field, and science in general (and on what we should not claim to be experts). Second, seen over a girlscientist's , the Yellow Ibis t-shirt company. They specialize in science (mostly chemistry) shirts and they have some really nifty stuff. Two of my favorites are shown here. Feel free to make a blogger happy. And I'll get back to work!


volcano girl said...

I always thought it would be great to sell "CHICKS WITH PICKS" tees at geology conventions!

Sara @ YellowIbis said...

Hey, I just came across this, thanks for mentioning us!! Three of us started the t-shirt project last year and the response has been pretty surprising.

I'm actually a regular reader of your blog, and a female scientist myself. Hence the occasional grrl-power shirt that seems to creep into our selection. ;)

As for 'chicks with picks', love it! We could totally do that if someone is interested. I don't think I've seen that one before.

Best wishes
Sara @