Tuesday, February 14, 2006

you get what you ask for

Following up on a few recent posts:

Job Search Ettiquette: Yep, the email did the trick. I got a prompt reply from the chair. I didn't get an interview but they are very much interested in me and if things don't work out with the current round of interviewees, I'm next on the list. Somebody (abd me?) said recently that the kindest rejections are the hardest to take, but I'm actually feeling kind of positive on this one (for the moment). I liked them, they liked me, there's just a few logisitical obstacles in the way (departmental politics, other candidates). And there's still hope for Big School and a few others.

Singing Endnote's praises: I finally got around to checking out that pdf linking function that envirogrl told us about. I didn't get insert object to work, but i discovered that in Endnote 6, references/link to will open a window where you can browse to the PDF and it will write a link in the URL field of your reference. So no need for reorganization, just link to where it is now.

Blogging about lost objects really does work. I found my Jann Arden CD in the case of a college acapella group when I was in the mood for some non-iPod music this weekend.

In other news, it's snowing. But not expected to stick. And I stayed up way to late last night watching the Olympics. Which explains why I am being totally unproductive this morning.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Of course blogging about lost things works! :)

Anonymous said...

hey that was a really cool endnote tip!! thanks! it hadn't occurred to me to try to get endnote to do this, but boy, have been missing out.

envirogrl said...

awesome! even though the "link object" didn't work, it sounds like the way you've set it up works better with your system anyways. that is great!!! hope it makes your life a little easier.