Wednesday, February 01, 2006

today's highlights

  1. Being asked how some work was going and replying that I had figured out how to do the analysis but hadn't actually started. S's comment: "So progress is progressing."
  2. Having my advisor tell me that the faculty members I work with have decided that I need to be cloned before I am allowed to leave.
  3. Riding 6 floors in the library elevator with a guy in a full-on gorilla suit, carrying a skateboard, and who would only pantomine.


Prof. Me said...

What a lovely compliment #2 is, ScienceWoman! (Unless, of course, you're in a field of the natural sciences where cloning is a research project, in which case it's kind of creepy.)

Mr Man said...

1 liar (we're never going to get out of here)

2 NO! One of you is great but I don't think I could take two of you. (but maybe some day we might move?)

3 frat peldgeing has started I bet.