Thursday, February 02, 2006

suddenly slammed

I think I'm going to be pretty quiet for the next few days. I just came to the realization that I have a ton of stuff to get done in the next few days. I'm going to list them here, more for me than for you.

By 10 am: graphs and interpretation for paper 2 to share with my advisor (optimally 4-6 hours of work before then to compile last of data and maybe actually devise some interpretation?)
By 1 pm: 2 papers read for class (this and/or class may go by the wayside)
By 2 pm: look intelligent on a topic tangentially related to my thesis for a meeting with a new faculty member (potential future collaborator?) (2-3 hours)
go to gym in here?
By 5:30 pm: be prepped for field work on Saturday (laptop, field book, instruments)
By 9 pm: have car packed for field work

Saturday: Field work + recuperation with husband
Sunday: Edit book for consulting project, do laundry, watch superbowl, etc.

I've got a few ideas percolating for posts (one responding to yami's request for journal organization tips), but in the meantime if you have things you'd like me to eventually write about, why don't you comment...

See you Sunday or so.

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