Monday, February 13, 2006

Preparing for an interview in 15 minutes a day

In order to force myself to prep for this interview (and to give me ready-made post ideas), I'm going to chronicle my piecemeal progress towards understanding Big School, my prospective department, and the -ology of the region.

Today's task: Start at the beginning. How many undergraduates are there? What degree paths are offered? Are there interdepartmental degrees? What are the undergraduate courses?

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*statgirl* said...

Helpful tactic I used: I printed out several things from the school's website and put them in a file to take with me on the plane. It calmed my pre-interview nerves during the flight to read more about the school, dept.,people, etc. and it was all fresh in my mind when I stepped off the plane to meet the first person on my list.