Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Others said it better

I've got lots of stuff whirling around in my head right now, but I'm afraid that if I start to blog it I will end up venting about everything and that will not make for a good post for you or a good emotional state for me. So I'm going to keep it bottled up a while longer and go back to tedious data analysis. And as a party favor, here are snippets from those wiser and more word-smithy than me.

Updated to add: The Happy Feminist has two great quotes that sum up the two sides of my antipathy towards writing a personal post at this time.

Those things people say that really annoy us academics
by Prof. Me

Good advice on how to answer the seemingly innocuous "How are you doing?" from colleagues
by Profgrrrrl

Jane has a post that I really identified with on life out of balance.

Singlegirl is facing "life in limbo" waiting for her match and wrestling with her committee.

Finally, my wisdom of the day: "In academia, no one ever tells you that you've done enough and that you can go home." (from S)

And with that, I'm going back to data for an hour before going home for dinner.


B said...

Hang in there SW- everything will come together when it needs too!

ScienceGeek said...

I love the "In academia..." quote. So true.

Adi said...

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