Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OK this morning

Business Man got me calmed down last night by helping me to identify that one thing freaking me out was not knowing what sort of questions to expect at the interview and not knowing how to prepare for them. He then read aloud for me some of the tips in "What Color is your Parachute?" (which I had given him for Christmas). I do love him so much.

So this morning I am going to sit down with the department's website and get to know about the faculty. And you, my readers, can help by commenting with possible interview questions for which I should be prepared. But be forewarned, dear friends, that freak-outs will continue as events warrant.

On a much happier note, SingleGirl matched with her top choice internship site, which means that I'll get to see her in May or June.


seadragon said...

As it turns out, most of the interview questions I was asked weren't terribly creative (i.e. the ones you see posted all over the place). Still, helps to be prepared:

1) What attracts you to [insert name of university here]?
2) How do you foresee getting students involved in your research (don't know how much this applies to the big schools-- I mostly applied to masters' levels places-- but still could be in there somewhere)?
3) How do you see your teaching style fitting in with how we do things here? (repeat, replacing "teaching style" with "reasearch")
4) How do you motivate your students?

and, of course,

5) What questions do you have for us?

MissPrism said...

Some of the questions I got were:

1. Whom do you see yourself collaborating with here?
2. What would your first grant application be, and where would you send it? Do you know what proportion of applications sent there get funded?
3. How big do you see your research group being in five years' time?
4. What graduate course would you teach? (Check their website and see if anything's obviously missing)
5. What is special / interesting / unique about your research?

Good luck!

PhD Mom said...

1. Also got, how big do you see your group being at full capacity? (ties into how much funding you will need)

2. What are your start-up requirements? (broken out by: equipment (items > 5K), discretionary funding, student support, summer support, lab space, shared equipment time)

3. Who do you think you would collaborate with?

4. Where else are you applying/interviewing and why? [Sort of a variation on how did you choose us.]

5. Tactfully they might ask if there is anything they need to know about accomidating your move? [i.e., do you have a spouse or kids to worry about]

Mostly they wanted to talk about my work, or to describe theirs. Since it is only 30 minutes/meeting plus lunch and dinners there isn't much time do anything else.

Make sure that they let you meet with current students (grad and undergrad). You can quiz the students for the 'real' scoop on the department.

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