Monday, February 20, 2006

Interview prep: wardrobe makeover

Yesterday Mr. Man and I spent an absurd amount of our monthly income on clothes for my three day interview. Fortunately, thanks to the moms and my upcoming birthday, our out-of-pocket cost was only half-absurd. But if you add up all of the money that's been spent on clothes for me in the past 6 months, it's got to be more than at any other point in my life. Part of the problem is that my tastes and wardrobe needs have "grown up" but our income hasn't. Well, that's only a problem because we don't believe in credit card debt. But's the haul:

  • 1 gray suit from Talbots (on the cover of their current catalog, but not on the web?)
  • 1 belted jacket/blazer that I wouldn't have thought I'd like but that actually looks really good and professional
  • 1 pair of "awesome gray pants" - contoured fit "designed to flatter curves!" (similar to these)
  • 3/4 sleeve sweater - for under the suit but also versatile (and machine washable)
  • striped blouse - white with black, gray, and tan dashed lines - i.e., will go with everything
  • blush pink t-shirt, because, hey, it was 10 bucks

  • Ok, off to do some real work. Like some data analysis that, if it looks good, I'd like to include in the job talk...


    phd me said...

    Hear, hear. I did some professional wardrobe shopping last month and tried not to choke as I handed over the credit card. I like what you found!

    Writer Chica said...

    The clothes look great. Reminds me of when we went shopping to find you a suit/skirt outfit. You don't carry any credit card debt?? Wow! I am really impressed. I wish we were there, but due to house expenses it will be awhile. If you are looking for more professional clothes for cheaper, you might have some luck at a consignment shop. They generally carry name brand stuff in great shape for half the price or better. In case I forget, pre-Happy Birthday!! I wrote it on the calendar, so I should remember on time this year :)