Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Evening Meme

Here’s a quick meme I stole from Jo(e) who "got [it] from Rana who got it from New Kid who got it from Seeking Solace who got it from Clare who got it from Bright Star who got it from Michelle who got it from Witchy who got it from Susan, who was the original source of the meme. She did it on Saturday morning, and by the time it got to me it was Sunday evening."

Hair: Curly and unkempt as befits my Sunday-sick day status.

Wearing: Slouchy black pants, geeky white T-shirt and black fleece jacket. Comfy slippers. All covered with dog hair, of course.

Drinking: Gypsy cold care tea.

Listening to: Random bits of podcasts - Nature's from my computer, Bob and Tom from BusinessMan's and mp3s as we search for an untitled song (turns out it was Moby's remix of the James Bond Theme)

Reading: Blogs (duh!) but am about to start working - would already be working if my computer hadn't crashed. Really.

I guess it's just my way of saying "I'm still sick-blogging."

1 comment:

jo(e) said...

Your outfit sounds much like mine, except I am covered with cat hair instead of dog hair.