Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking ahead

I've known what next year's resolutions will be for weeks...well, they are not resolutions exactly but more like the areas on which I want to focus my energy in 2006.
  1. I will earn my Ph.D. by doing good science, publishing papers, being a good collaborator, and getting a job/post-doc.
  2. I will live a healthier lifestyle by eating less, exercising more, and losing some weight.
  3. I will help my husband lead a happier life by making life decisions that consider his needs and supporting him emotionally.
I could think of dozens of "resolutions" (watch less TV, go meatless of Mondays, spend less time in front of the computer, write better blog posts, use my electric toothbrush, go to the gym 3 times a week, only eat 1 desert per week, read a journal article every day, submit the next paper by March), some of which support my foci, but we all know how resolutions tend to go by the wayside. So instead, I will think of the big 3 as a guiding philosophy for the year ahead. Taking them as a philosophy, I can't fail. They will be the stars by which I navigate through the next year.

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