Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January turns to February

Unlike Jo(e), February is one of my favorite months. As a child, it was because of my birthday waiting for me at the end. Now, after living in the mid-Atlantic and the PNW, I think it's the birthday combined with the first stirrings of spring. By the end of the month, the crocuses will be up and the trees will be budding. Maybe we'll even have daffodils. And the days will just keep getting longer.

On a more prosaic note, here are my goals for the upcoming month:
  1. write a complete draft of paper 2 - working on data analysis as necessary
  2. submit conference abstract for grant-on-the-side having completed some significant data analysis
  3. reach New Year's weight minus 10 pounds
  4. work on 2-3 1 day consulting projects (edit children's science book chapter, conduct a teacher follow-up visit from this summer's workshop)
  5. take at least one fun weekend with BusinessMan
And the big goal, but the one I have no control over, is to get asked for an interview at one of the 6 schools that have asked letters or 3 schools that I haven't heard from.

And to wrap up January, here's what I actually got done.

January 2006 accomplishments

  1. significant data analysis for paper 2
  2. reinvigorated efforts on grant-on-the-side
  3. lost 7 pounds, started yoga,
  4. went to the midwest for a week
  5. finished my first quilt
  6. gave a guest lecture for an intro level class and a seminar for group of grad students
  7. sat in on an interesting class

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jo(e) said...

See, where I live, there is no chance of seeing anything springlike in February. March, maybe, or April. But really May is what I consider spring.

And right now that is still very far away.