Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday's random

Warning! I think this is going to be another happy post. And probably mundane, but it's Friday and nobody expects much of Friday posts anyway, right?

I'm going on a field trip tomorrow and subconciously this morning my brain and body decided to take today as a light day in compensation. I'm not sure it's the real reason I'm slacking but the field trip provides a fabulous justification. And it's turned out to be a really good day.

7:15 unsnuggle from dog and husband, force myself out of bed, and take a long leisurely shower
8:00 walk dog in between bursts of rain
8:45 eat breakfast and make lunch
9:00 drop of computer monitor for recycling (how environmentally responsible of me!)
9:15 arrive at school, check email, chat with S (my office mate), send some emails about potential collaborations, post-docs, and gym dates, chat with S, read a few blogs, discover that its Mozart's 250th birthday, remember that I own no Mozart CD's, go to Google to buy one, try to hit the magic $25 free-shipping-mark by adding a book, discover the book is buy a local author and decide to go to locally-owned book/music store and get an autographed copy and the CD (and support a local business)
10:45 graph some data, realize that it's not going to be an easy neat little story (Why is it never a neat little story?)
12:45 remember that I have class at 1:00, 15 minutes from my office and I should print the lecture notes, rush from office across campus
1:00 class
2:00 meet a friend (Raftwoman's sister) to hit the gym, have great discussions all about grad student stuff (how to organize journal articles, why stats classes are worthless unless they're applied)
3:30 head to campus coffee shop to read a paper for a discussion I'm leading next week (12 pages, 45 minutes, 14 more pages and 1 more coffee shop visit to go)
4:15 return to office, check and respond to emails, compose this silly blog post
5:00 post blog post, head downtown, go to above-mentioned bookstore for above-mentioned self-indulgent goodies
5:30 meet husband downtown (apparently he's there getting his car repaired anyways) and find someplace fun for dinner
9:30 go to bed early for once, so I can actually be at school for field trip departure tomorrow morning at 7 am

And in other random news
  • Overheard in the campus coffee shop by an undergrad: "Our teacher is this new chick..." Astroprof would throw a fit at the lack of respect (at "teacher") and I'm guessing that Profgrrrrl might not approve either (of "chick").
  • I got two letters of rejection this week (not surprised by either of them). Not disappointed in that result, but I am definitely starting to get more anxious about the schools where letters have been requested but I haven't heard anything back.
  • I am simultaneously amused by Beauty and the Geek, inspired by the idea that there is hope for even the most hopeless, and repulsed that the 1st episode repeatedly conflated beauty with vacuousness and ignorance/apathy of even the simplest things. I'm not asking for a show about beautiful PhDs, but maybe some recognition that one can have blonde hair, big boobs, and at least half a brain. Do you think a show with geeky girls and studly guys would have any chance on the networks?
Oooh. 4:57, time to wrap this up. Have a great weekend!


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Aw, heck, I'm a chick who says chick all the time in informal speech. I just would never say call my prof (or in my case, a senior faculty or dean) a chick to their face. :)

Lucy said...

they are actually going to do the geeky girl version next. At least, I'm pretty sure I read that, but I can't find a link now.

yami mcmoots said...

Hey, how *do* you organize your journal articles?

Curious people who are finally getting quasi-permanent office assignments and file cabinets want to know.

Astroprof said...

So, did you wish Mozart a happy birthday? ;)

The thing about calling professors just "teachers" seems to be more and more common. I even caught one of our junior faculty doing it.

kilowatthour said...

i would totally watch a show about hot geeks.

nice to meet you, by the way. this is my first visit and i am duly entertained.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about the reverse Beauty and the Geek, too!!!! As a giant geeky nerd, would love to rub elbows (er, yes. elbows) with some totally hot guys. Wonder when the tryouts are... need to bone up (ok, introduce myself to) rocket science before then.... ;) Singlegirl