Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday's Random Ten Five

  1. I've lost 6 pounds since January 1. Yay, me!
  2. The co-PI for my grant-on-the-side is thinking that we'll get two pubs out of it. Of course, we still have a lot of data analysis to do and it is everyone's grant-on-the-side.
  3. It looks like I'll be going to a conference in June to present the results of said grant-on-the-side. It's slightly outside my normal specialty, but 2 of the 3 organizers are the chairs of search committees to whom I have applied. 'Tis a small small world indeed.
  4. S and I went to a symphony concert in NUT (neighboring university town) last night. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but we concluded that its a good thing we had season tickets because if either of us had been asked lyesterday afternoon (or last week) whether we wanted to go, we would have said, "No." So, yay, for planning ahead.
  5. We're having a girls weekend on Mt. Hood this weekend. This is the snowiest/rainiest/floodiest winter in a decade, so I am just itching to get out in the white stuff and go snowshoeing. Bonus for seeing my raft trip friends, watching silly movies, and drinking wine on Saturday night.

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