Wednesday, January 18, 2006

apparently I'm a hot commodity

at least that's what one of my references said today, upon being asked to write a 5th letter of reccomendation for me.

That's right - I've made the first cut at Middle America University and that makes five schools asking for letters, but so far none asking for phone/personal interviews. Not to be a snob or anything, but I think I'd rather had an interview request from someplace than yet another set of letters requested.

For those keeping score at home, the contenders are: Middle America University, FancyPants U, UWIRTW, Big Southern School, and Women's College (although that one was so long ago that I sincerely doubt I'll ever hear from them again).

This afternoon, having survived 4 straight hours of meetings, I'm going to get a haircut. Tomorrow, I'll see if I can summon up any more to say about women's names. But I think ya'll have such great insights that I'm almost timid to join back in the chorus.


Dr. Mon said...

Good for you!!

Writer Chica said...

Great job, ScienceWoman! I'm so looking forward to finding out where your life leads.