Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the ultimate time waster

As seen at it's probably me and doubtless others before that.

10 Random things you might not know about me
  1. When I was a child, my favorite color was pink. Then I read Anne of Green Gables...
  2. I don't drink coffee
  3. I have a weakness for good ice cream
  4. When I read journal articles for the first time, I tend to skip the equations
  5. At one time, I intended to go to law school
  6. I used to be a vegetarian, but my husband likes meat and he likes to cook
  7. My grandfather built wooden saiboats and played the organ
  8. I have ancestors that lived in the 13 colonies
  9. I didn't start liking the outdoors until late in high school
  10. I listened to goth and industrial music in high school

9 Places I've Visited
  1. Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia - during a flood
  2. Ellesmere Island, Nunavat, Canada - north of the north magnetic pole
  3. Baraboo, Wisconsin - home of circus world
  4. the Tongariro Crossing near Taupo on the north island of New Zealand
  5. Uppsala, Sweden in December
  6. a small town on the prairie where you can see the August thunderstorms rolling in for 50 miles
  7. Pocahontas County, West Virginia - the most rural county in the state
  8. Akureyri, Iceland - the second largest city in the country, population 15,000
  9. Mt. Desert Island, Maine - where my commute was a 2 mile bike ride through National Park

8 ways to win my heart
  1. Give me good chocolate
  2. Do something totally uncalled for that makes my life easier
  3. Go with me for a hike in the woods with my dog
  4. Give me a good night kiss and bring me a glass of water for my bedside table
  5. Make me laugh
  6. Give me a hug
  7. Be a good listener
  8. Be nice to me
7 things I want to do before I die
  1. raft the Grand Canyon
  2. finish my Ph.D.
  3. stop caring what other people think of me
  4. raise kids
  5. set some major physical activity goal for myself and succeed at it (climb a high peak, run a marathon, hike the appalachian trail)
  6. finish a Sunday New York Times Crossword Puzzle - with no cheating or help
  7. play in an orchestra again
6 things I'm afraid of:
  1. snakes
  2. crocodiles
  3. being so demanding that no one could live with me
  4. losing my mother or my brother
  5. losing my husband
  6. my dog getting run over
5 things I don't like
  1. false sincerity
  2. male chauvinism
  3. People who have unchangeable opinions but don't know the facts. And don't care.
  4. Students who are convinced that they are no good at math (or can't write) and are unwilling to give it a try.
  5. being short on sleep
4 ways to turn me off
  1. stay home on all day while I work but don't walk the dog or clean the house
  2. look down your nose at me
  3. lie to me
  4. disparage my views and interests
3 things I do every day
  1. cuddle with my dog and husband, or at least think cuddly thoughts
  2. take my temperature
  3. drink water
2 things that make me happy
  1. bright sunny winter days when I have time to get outside
  2. live performances of classical music
1 thing on my mind right now
  1. How to balance what is best for my career, with what is best for Husband and I as people, in face of uncertain options and conflicting time lines
Time to completion: 2.5 hours of intermittent work


phd me said...

Wow - you've been to some amazing places! I'm jealous!

post-doc said...

I feel sorry for myself because I'm single sometimes. But during the job search process, I was slightly grateful for being alone. That being said, I'm sure you'll find a good solution for both of you. So congrats on the letters! I'm thinking good thoughts for your application.

And having dealt with depression myself, I'll agree that professional help isn't always necessary. I'm agreeing with Ms PhD right and left lately! It sounds like you're being supportive, and challenging him to try to feel better. And sometimes you just need time to feel sad. I hope his grandfather continues to improve.