Wednesday, December 07, 2005

postcards from the edge (i mean, conference)

First and foremost, I want a hidden tape recorder or a mind that worked like one. There's so much being said so fast and sometimes I realize I miss things even as they're happening. Since one can't pause real conversations, it would be so helpful to be able to go back over them... pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding as necessary. Do you think I could get a mini-tape-recorder in place it in my bag? Would that be unethical or just absurd?

And then in no particular order:
  • best quote: Attributed to Jane Doe as a comment on a paper draft: "The work is in the past, the paper is in the present, and god knows what the future holds." (If you want to know who Jane Doe is, you'll have to email me (science dot woman at hotmail dot com) because it'll give away my -ology.
  • # of society award winners: 9, number of females: 2 (one of whom was my undergrad thesis advisor)
  • # of new society fellows: 43, number of females: 7 (plus/minus a few where I am too unfamiliar with the name to assign a gender)
  • most frequently heard job advice: get a post-doc, preferably someplace prestigious, and get a few publications out, then start hoping
  • but don't get too many pubs out because you'll need some of your Ph.D. or postdoc pubs to count towards your tenure quota.
  • in your cover letter, mention specific people with who you would envision collaborating
More later, I'm going for a beer...


she falters to rise said...

It's like a really messed-up chess game. I hate chess. Have a beer for me too, please.

post-doc said...

I don't envy you the job search and the unending advice that comes with it. It's rough, and doing a post-doc can feel like lengthening the time you wait for your real job to begin. But noticing and enjoying the absurdity of some conference conversations can only help. I hope you're networking like crazy and drinking enough to make it bearable.