Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

To all my friends near and far, in-person and virtual, I hope your day has been filled with joyful noise and peaceful quiet, solitude and companionship, and all that you hold dear.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and I've been trying to figure out why. I think it's the sense of anticipation in the lead-up to Christmas. The sense that something new and wonderful and exciting is going to happen. There will be presents to be unwrapped and carols to be sung and feasts to be eaten and church to attend... The actual Christmas Day doesn't have to be spectacular (as a kid, I just spent the day in my jammies devouring the books I'd been given), because that sense of anticipation is what delights me in Christmas.

My husband says that his favorite part of Christmas is buying presents for people. He says that it's not that he has creative ideas or anything, but that once he figures something out for his family and friends, he knows that it will make them happy. (And, husband, my boots are fabulous). My mom likes the carols and the return of the sun with the solstice, and the fact that its a break between semesters is pretty nice too. My cousin likes how Christmas time is the culmination of the year and a new beginning for the next year. My 7 month old niece couldn't tell me what she likes best, but she thought the sweet potatoes were pretty wonderful. And my dog likes having everyone home and our extra-long walks.

As you reflect on this Christmas and those in your past, what is your favorite part of Christmas?


Writer Chica said...

What i like about Christmas:
Carols: on the radio, at church, playing the piano
Toddler: watching him open presents and get so excited

"hi" to your mom

i had a much longer comment, but Mac's suck and I lost it all. Grrr..

Talk to you soon!

Writer Chica said...

I forgot something... I love making gifts for people. Calendars, decorative plates, blankets, chocolate spoons. Very fun.

Annie said...

Your boots are called CHARLES STREET! What a flashback. Enjoy 'em!