Saturday, December 03, 2005

frustration running high

So far today, I have spent 3 hours on the phone with my mother and the airlines going through several iterations of christmas ticket buying (yes, buying tickets several times and then canceling them). For those that know me (and my mom) that alone is enough to merit the post title. But I've also been a wee bit stressed out about the upcomign conference (in case you hadn't noticed), and I really needed the day to finish up the talk, gather my stuff together and get enough done that tomorrow all I have to do is pack. Instead:

8:30-11:30 - plane ticket buying
11:30-1:30 - recovering from above, eating lunch, doing laundry
1:30-2:00 - dealing with flaky roommates for conference (at this point I'd just like a room to myself, no matter the cost)
1:00-3:00 - at the library getting articles from "obscure journal on small particles" which of course is not available on-line. I never go the library, but naturally the one time I need to it is overrun by undergrads cramming for their finals. At least the parking meter was broken.

So now I am here at my office where it is blessedly quiet and I might actually be able to gather my thoughts and figure out what I need to do before I leave. So, to do:
  1. install wireless card and make sure it is working
  2. cancel extraneous hotel reservations and double check all flight times and requisite hotel reservations, incl. getting phone numbers and maps as necessary
  3. write conclusions slide for talk
  4. gather materials needed to apply to Midwest U.
  5. gather last paper drafts so I can make edits
  6. pack up all necessary electronics
  7. organize/hide piles of papers on my desk so I am not overwhelmed when I return
  8. get cash
  9. get gas for my car
  10. read jnl articles from library that may hold key to talk they don't
  11. gather other jnl articles/books so I can review background info before talk
  12. transfer my notes on who I am meeting where and cell phone numbers from random scraps of paper to one organized list
  13. plan schedule for 1st day of conference
  14. drink my chamomile tea
All right, seems like a do-able list for this afternoon...filled with lots of organizing so that I can get work done and very little work actually allotted to be done. Looks like the christmas shopping is going to have to wait until I get back, because tomorrow I need to:
  1. pack
  2. hem pants
  3. apply to Midwest U
  4. keep polishing talk
  5. practice talk?

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Writer Chica said...

Oh sweetie! I get exhausted just reading your to-do list. Looks like you got most of it done. Is your mom coming to visit you for Xmas? Take care and have a great conference!