Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday random blog

  1. Today has been much more productive than yesterday. I got my file sizes to be smaller (only 854 columns!), and I learned how to use Macros in Excel. Unfortunately, there's still a tremendous amount of tedium involved. I'm about 1/4 of the way through making my first graph.
  2. One of my favorite parts of the last 2 years of grad school has been my weekly coffee/vent sessions with one of my friends. He's in the same degree program, but a widely different field. He's a bit closer to finishing than I am, but we're both in the job hunting, paper writing, frustrating data analysis mode. We get together at a coffee shop, talk some science, talk some family stuff, but mostly just stream-of-consciousness talk about all of the stuff we are working on and being frustrated by. And, though these sessions can be somewhat stressful (who wants to be reminded of all of the stuff on their plate), they are also so helpful and stress-relieving. Mostly because its a reminder that another person is in the same boat I'm in.
  3. I'm off soon to S's house for "craft night." I'm not sure really why I am going, except that the last few nights have been spent in front of a T.V. and I need a break from that. Last week, I learned to hem my pants, and I have another pair to tackle, but I want to do that in the isolation of my own home, where other people can't see how many mistakes I make. I have to work on a baby blanket for WriterChica, but I want something I can do independent of S's help. So I decided to bring my christmas cards. I'll address the envelopes. Even if I don't get the cards sent this year, I doubt any of my relatives will be moving in the next 5 years. I'm sure I'll get one round of cards sent by then.
  4. Having spent a lot of time soul-searching these past few months, in hopes of writing a compelling and truthful research interests statement, I was really excited to see that this week's issue of a MAJOR science journal includes a series of articles on my chosen area of proposed research. Sure, it means there's already a body of knowledge out there, but it also means that I've been able to accurately diagnose where a "hot" area in the field is. And it's something that I really want to do. Yay, me!
  5. Terry Gross is interviewing Doogie Howser on Fresh Air right now. I had a high school friend who was his doppelganger. Speaking of doppelgangers, at the conference a few weeks ago, I saw someone who looked Exactly like my dad. Even scarier, he shared the same (uncommon) first name.
  6. And that's random enough for now. See ya tomorrow.

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