Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday afternoon at the office

I feel incredibly productive right now. I've retooled a figure, rewritten its caption, and rearranged a section of my discussion in response to people's comments. I've also written a paragraph. Don't laugh: at this stage of the paper, I've picked all the low hanging fruit, and this one needed to be written, but just where and how was a vexing question that I've finally solved (I hope). I've also added 7 CDs to my ipod, eaten a nice organic lunch courtesy of the co-op's deli, and drunk ~32 oz of tea. Next up: writing another paragraph. It seems I'd forgotten to discuss Figure 7 in the text. How did so many people (and me so many times) fail to notice this before now. In an hour, I get to go watch Harry Potter. A very satisfying Saturday so far.

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Writer Chica said...

How was Harry Potter?