Monday, November 14, 2005

Rules for being sick together

  1. On the night after the frozen pizza runs out, order excessive amounts of Chinese food to get you through the worst of it.
  2. The sickest person should get some level of TLC from the less sick person. Soon it will be their turn.
  3. The less sick person walks the dog at least once a day. The dog does not understand why she is not getting walked, but she is happy to curl up on the bed with you for 15 hours at a time
  4. Ignore dishes and laundry unless its a crisis.
  5. There is a reason we have cable TV and a DVD collection. Use it.
  6. As you start to feel better, increase your activity level slowly. You want to avoid a relapse.

Relapse is my husband's word of the day. Yesterday he was starting to feel better. He cooked a little, walked the dog, while I lay on the couch (or filled out job applications). Today he is v. sick - fever, awful cough...poor thing. At least it's just a cold, we still haven't turned in our interim emergency health insurance thingy.

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Writer Chica said...

Sounds like you are having about as much fun as me. Luckily, Mike is still okay, knock on wood. The little guy is doing okay, though the snot continues to flow. I can't seem to ditch this awful cough and it is starting to give me a headache. Plus the weather is cloudy, 38 and rainy. Yuck. Will I ever feel better again?