Saturday, November 12, 2005

rainy Saturday afternoon

Thus far today, my accomplishments consist of:

  • talking to my mom while walking the dog
  • going back to bed and sleeping 'til noon (the cold is a nice excuse)
  • chicken noodle soup straight from the can
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • shopping online for the boots that I am drooling over
  • reading movie reviews and trying to decide whether to go to a matinee
  • being a nerd and IDing the subject of the mystery photo for a contest in a magazine
  • studiously avoiding working on my job applications
  • listening to Praire Home Companion (despite the general sentiments over at BitchPh.D., I really like the show (reminds me of home) but not Garrison's singing)
I think rainy Saturday afternoons are not made for real work. Hope yours are equally enjoyable.


Annie said...

Just so's you know - my sister tried those boots on, and says that they run big (or at least seemed so to her). So yaay. a half-size smaller for everyone!

inky circus said...

Oh my god. My best friend is in love with those boots, too! But we are both living in London at the moment and they don't seem to sell a full line of Merrel in this god forsaken country! Buy them. Buy them for those who are internationally prohibited. Sigh.