Monday, November 21, 2005

now I've just got to finish my thesis!

another sign that I've got my finger on the pulse of "what's hot" in my field: One of the people I'm thinking about working with for a post-doc is already involved in a project very similar to what I was going to propose we do. Although it makes me sound less original for proposing the topic to him, its possible that we can build on what's already been done and allow me to benefit from some already collected data. Maybe maximize the bang for my post-doc buck?

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Martha Walsh said...

It was good to hear that you already finish the thesis project. We all know that working with thesis writing can really be hard, but seeing the finish product would certainly make the effort, time and money you put into it all worth it. Anyway, I do hope I can see the thesis project you’ve did. It can certainly help a lot for people doing the same project.