Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November's goals

Continuing the posting frenzy today: At the change of each month, I write a list of all the things on my plate. (here's last month's list). I'll spare you the details of what I got done this month (because if you've been following the blog you already know) and summarize with: #1, 2 are partially done, #3 was a no show, and #4-9 are done.

For november, I have far fewer things on my list but they are mostly larger tasks.

  1. revise and submit paper (completing October's #1)
  2. apply for another round of jobs (the ones I really want)
  3. get data for talk on 12/8 (working on October's #2)
  4. pull my weight on CL grant (#3 last month)
  5. get my undergrad moving on his thesis

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