Tuesday, November 29, 2005

lists for me (updated, 12/1 4 pm)

To do this week (or else!)
  1. finish graphs
  2. meet with co-advisor to interpret graphs
  3. now that graphs have been less than exciting, figure out what the hell I am going to talk about
  4. put together powerpoint for conference using results of 1
  5. finalize hotel, travel arrangements for conference and short course (getting there)
  6. apply to Midwest U.
  7. email J,S,G - no lit review (are you kidding?)
  8. implement advisor's edits to manuscript (show why it matters) likely not going to happen until at least saturday
Things standing in my way
  1. sheer lack of hours in the day replaced by apathy, but I am sure that panic will re-enter the picture soon
  2. need to sleep (somewhat mitigated by tremendous amounts of caffeine and nerves)
  3. dentist appointment (11 am thursday)
  4. Dave's defense (must go, friend + relevant to upcoming part of research + leaving for NZ {him not me}) skipped this anyways
  5. volcanogirl's going away party. I wouldn't miss this for the world.
To do by early next week (yes, while I am at the conference)
  1. submit manuscript
  2. monthly goals and accomplishments
  3. send invoice to ed. district
  4. apply to New England, Rust Belt
To do in real imaginary life
  1. hem pants for conference
  2. do laundry again
  3. pack
  4. buy those boots
  5. start chirstmas cards
TBA (to blog about) at some point in the distant future
  1. coca cola bears
  2. mammoths
  3. my footprint
  4. real climate
  5. when did it start?

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