Monday, November 14, 2005

imploring your collective wisdom

Oh ye internet geniuses please help me solve this riddle: If I have two ascii files each with 2340 columns and 3254 rows, where I need to multiply the elements and make a graph, how do I do this when Excel only lets me import 256 columns? (I know that a lot of those rows and columns have no data (for example columns: 1-276) but I have to skip them one at a time to open them in excel, and this is very very painful.)

So I have several options at this point:
(a) go about it my painfully tedious way that will take me at least the rest of the afternoon (for this one graph, maybe the first of many)
(b) learn another program that will let me have more than 256 columns at once (but which program?)
(c) query the blog-reading masses, give into the giant coughing fit I just had, and call it a (sick) day

I think I'll go for option (c). So please please provide me with some help.


EthidiumBromide said...

How about trying Lotus 1-2-3? I'm not sure if it will fit all your data, but I know it allows you to import more columns than Excel. When I am back on my own computer, I can check out the number of columns but you may have better luck with Lotus (I think it is generally better than Excel anyway).
Good luck!

angrygrad said...

I would try Matlab or maybe a small script in C.

ScienceWoman said...

BAAAAHHHH. Matlab won't open the >40 Mb files. At least not in the 20 minutes I gave it before giving up. Time to ask the prof who is officially my co-advisor. Time for him to earn his keep.