Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a herd of elephants

She Falters to Rise warned us that she was going to have an elephant sized day Tuesday, and it turns out that there were enough elephants to go around. I gave a well-received talk today to the federal agency where I might want to work/post-doc, and was treated to a very nice and friendly lunch by people from all 3 of my boundary-spanning fields. Wonderfu,l funny, and kind men who when told that I might go shopping during the remainder of my afternoon in the big city, gave me directions to multiple REI stores. I didn't have the heart (or nerve) to tell them that it was lingerie I was after.

After the seminar and lunch, I met briefly with a potential post-doc mentor. It sounds like he has a project right up my alley ( + "low hanging fruit"), the right time frame, and he'd be happy to work with me. There are only two catches:(1) husband doesn't want to stay in the PNW and (2) the agency is totally strapped for money and federal employees can't apply for NSF type grants (no "double dipping"). So it's questionable whether he'd have the money to fund me. But it was in any case an encouraging conversation, and the first of series of "informational interviews" that I hope to have with possible mentors.

But as I got in the car to leave the big city, I called husband to check in and he gave me some bad news. We are currently uninsured, we can't buy into a student health plan until Jan., and his job search is not going particularly well. So we are looking into private insurances. Anyways, it turns out that as a rule, private insurance will not cover any pregnancy or delivery costs if the baby is born within the first 12 months of the policy. Apparently, it would be termed a pre-existing condition (even with continuous insurance). What crap! I don't know any human gestational period that lasts 12 months. Maybe BitchPhD has something to say on this subject. So tonight we will be having protected sex and for the first time in many months I find myself hoping that I am not pregnant this month. I hate being put in situations like this. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!!

But overall it was a pretty good day. Mastodon sized.


Writer Chica said...

Glad to hear your talk went well. Sounds like you are meeting lots of great people and contacts. Those insurance companies are full of it. Sorry to hear about that. Take care and talk to you soon.

she falters to rise said...

I'm glad you and your elephant got along well today. Right now, I am so furious about your insurance situation that I can barely think. I hate insurance companies--they are way worse than organized crime and they should be penalized by some governing power. When I am dictator, I'm going to clean house.

Keep looking, maybe there is an insurance company that can help. I think my friend had a blue cross plan that covered his pregnant wife.


Anonymous said...

I agree, insurance companies discriminate against women on a lot of health issues. I'm sure they'd pay for a Viagra prescription.

However, it sounds like since your husband is unemployed and his job search is not going well, and you are still a graduate student and don't know when or where you'll be working, and you have no health insurance, that perhaps this is not a good time to be thinking about having a child.